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cave freediving in phuket

APNEA LIFE Freediving - Phuket is Molchanovs & Apnea Total School
founded by Maher Ku Da Ri in 2019

Holding the breath and diving underwater is a very meditative experience and an individual practice, It enables one to look inwards to uncover the truth.

Relaxation, Mindfulness and Awareness will help you to activate your Aquatic skills,

Maher offers tailored Experience in Freediving, Spearfishing, and Yoga to suit everyone's needs, has a great knowledge of the Local experience, with a meditative approach, a full Apnea Life experience, from breathing, underwater skills and knowledge, depth adaptation and nutrition.

And for those daring souls seeking to commune with the sea in a respectful and sustainable way, there is the sacred art of spearfishing, a real local experience of Phuket.

Blue sky and clear water with visibility reach 30m in some islands around Phuket, just the way we like it, we'll still enjoy it even if it rains,2-3 shipwrecks, magnificent coral reefs, a few caves, and countless fish.

~ Maher Ku Da Ri 

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Apnea Total FREEDIVING EDUCATION since 2004
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