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Beginner Freediving Lv1

Molchanovs wave 1 

In this Course you'll Discover Your Natural Freediving Ability, You'll learn the fundamentals of freediving to help you unlock your innate freediving potential.

You are taught to learn techniques to hold your breath beyond a minute and a half.

Topics include physics and physiology of freediving, an introduction to freediving equalization, relaxation and breathing techniques, and rescue and safety procedures.

This course will enable you to feel safe and comfortable when freediving to depths up to 20 meters.

Although this might sound difficult to achieve in just a couple of days, you will be surprised what our experienced team of freediving instructors can do for you!

Our unique breathing techniques taught in the classroom coupled with practical application in the water create a fun and successful freediving experience.

Beginner Freediving Course 9,900฿
Molchanovs wave 1 

2 - 3 Day Course

  • Theory Session: 3 Hours

  • Equalization Workshops: 30 minutes 

  • Pool Sessions: 2 hour

  • Mobility & Flexibility Sessions: 20 minutes

  • Open Water Diving Sessions: 4 Hours in Water 

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification as well as private online access to the course materials so you can maintain your freediving knowledge.

If you fall in love with freediving and can spend three more days in Phuket, you can continue with the Advanced Course ( WAVE 2 ) straight away!

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The union of your passions: Dive deep with Freediving and Catch your own food with our Spearfishing courses.


Enroll in any of our Spearfishing courses alongside our Freediving course, and gain a 10% discount on both.

spearfishing course

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