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Molchanovs wave 2


Advanced Freediving Lv2

Molchanovs wave 2

In the Advanced Freediver Course, you will discover your true aquatic potential and increase your breath-hold abilities and performance beyond your imagination!

Our program is designed to take you to new achieve depths of over 30 meters and static apnea times of 3+ minutes on one breath aloneAdvanced breathing techniques together with our specific preparation for deep dives will make this possible, even if you have just started this sport

You will be introduced to topics including Pre-dive optimization, to ensure a safe and successful dive when approaching a new depth, Exhale dives with a maximum depth, can be challenging, but with proper training and practice, you can master this technique and explore the depths with ease. Body positioning during FREE FALL. Advanced Frenzel equalization and introduction to hands-free equalization. practicing all disciplines including NO FINS and MONO FIN.

Advanced Freediving Course 14,900฿
Molchanovs wave 2

3 - 4Day Course

  • Theory Session: 5 Hours

  • Equalization Workshops: 30 minutes 

  • Pool Sessions: 2 hour

  • Mobility & Flexibility Sessions: 20 minutes

  • Open Water Diving Sessions: 6 Hours in Water 

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification as well as private online access to the course materials so you can maintain your freediving knowledge.

Your next is Master Course ( WAVE 3 )

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The union of your passions: Dive deep with Freediving and Catch your own food with our Spearfishing courses.


Enroll in any of our Spearfishing courses alongside our Freediving course, and gain a 10% discount on both.

spearfishing course

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